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Best Desk Chair for 2024

 5/9/2024 10:38:35 AM GMT

The best desk chairs are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort, while providing the proper support to guard against injuries.

There are three main things to consider when purchasing new office & desk chairs - comfort, desk type, and budget. Comfort is the number one consideration because, let's face it, a desk chair's number one job is providing an ergonomic design that makes sitting for extended periods of time comfortable and safe.

Speaking of threes, there are three types of desk chairs: 1) standard chairs - used with a standard desk or work table that's 29-30" high; 2) drafting chairs - used with an adjustable height standing desk; and 3) bad chairs - used by people that will eventually suffer a repetitive strain injury (RSI). Typically, RSI results in pain in your back, neck, arms, hands, or wrists, sometimes manifested as tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

First, the bad chairs - these are chairs that lack an adjustable height, a solid roller system, and lumbar support for the lower back. Without these capabilities, you will not have the proper support, which puts your body in the wrong position for extended periods of time where you are doing the repetitive tasks associated with work-at-home activities. So conversely, desk chairs that do possess these characteristics can be considered a good chair, but not a great chair. A great office executive chair also has an adjustable seat-pan tilt, arm height adjustments, and lateral arm position controls to help ensure your body is consistently in the best ergonomic position for work tasks. Unfortunately, the features of a great chair come at a price, and budget considerations are a real world consideration. Bottom line, get the best chair you can afford and make sure that you at least purchase a good chair that will provide comfort and protection against injury.

The next consideration is whether you will be using your chair with a standard height desk, or a standing desk. We've all used standard height desks for a long time, and they serve their purpose well, coming in a variety of designs to fit different space requirements. You can achieve the same ergonomic design benefits using a standard desk as you can with a standing desk, but new evidence suggests that a standing desk can provide additional health benefits by promoting greater activity throughout the workday, and by allowing your body to have greater freedom of movement, which benefits your circulatory system. Regardless of which desk type you choose to use, we've got you covered.

As mentioned above, the main design considerations for purchasing a desk chair include height adjustment, roller systems, lumbar support, adjustable seat-pan, arm height adjustments, and lateral arm controls. In determining the best desk chairs available, we took all that into consideration, plus build quality, user experiences, and affordability.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Herman Miller Mirra 2 as the Best Premium Desk Chair.
   Photo by Herman MillerPinterest Pin for Best Premium Desk Chair
The Herman Miller Mirra 2 office desk chair has adjustments that let you fine-tune just about anything to achieve the most ergonomic sitting position, while sporting looks that make it a modern classic. Its breathable mesh back is effective in keeping the user cool, while encouraging good posture and providing excellent support.

It has a flex front seat that can be adjusted for depth to aid in circulation for the legs, a flexible seat back that contours to the users back, and an adjustable lumbar support to prevent slouching and encourage healthy spine alignment.

There's also a seat height adjuster and a smooth tilt mechanism that enables the user to tilt forward to work, or lean back to relax. Fully adjustable arm rests minimize the risk of pain in the neck and shoulder areas.

You can pay a lot more for a premium chair, but it would be hard to out-perform the Mirra 2 at any price. Constructed of high-quality materials with an impressive 12-year warranty, and boasting an impressive range of adjustability, the Mirra 2 is an easy choice as the best premium desk chair.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Oline ErgoPro as the Best Desk Chair for the money.
   Photo by OlinePinterest Pin for Best Desk Chair for the money
The Oline ErgoPro ergonomic desk chair provides a lot of premium features for the price, and does it in a style that will complement any sleek modern aesthetic. First and foremost, the ErgoPro is designed to give your back and body proper support while you sit, maximizing comfort and protecting against injury.

Adjustability is provided for the headrest, armrests, height, and knee tilt, providing for extensive customization to meet your body's individual needs.

Rated for up to 275 pounds, it is made of quality materials, including a breathable mesh to help keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the workday. Although it can't be considered a premium chair, the Oline ErgoPro hits the sweet spot for maximum value for the price.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Kovalenthor FD-21-DF-314 as the Best Budget Desk Chair.
  Photo by KovalenthorPinterest Pin for Best Budget Desk Chair
The Kovalenthor FD-21-DF-314 ergonomic desk chair proves that a budget priced product can have a value that equals or exceeds more expensive alternatives. To promote proper ergonomic positioning, it has adjustable lumbar support, pneumatic controls for height and back adjustments, and a solid roller system - all the characteristics you want when looking for the best home office chair.

With a mesh back for cooling and comfort, and 90° adjustable arms for convenience, the Kovalenthor desk chair stands out as a top-notch cost-conscious option for your home office.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Vari Drafting as the Best Premium Drafting Chair.
  Photo by VariPinterest Pin for Best Drafting Chair
The Vari Drafting Chair offers premium quality in providing the height you want, and the comfort and support you need, to do your best work at a standing height desk. It has a reinforced mesh back for breathability and a pivoting ergonomic backrest for maximum lumbar support. Additional adjustable settings are provided for the footrest and seat height, and for adjustments to the armrests.

Also featured are no-tool assembly and casters that work on both carpet or wood floors. With excellent build quality supporting up to 300 lbs., the Vari Drafting Chair will provide a long-lasting, safety enhancing complement to your standing height desk.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Flash Furniture Mid-Back as the Best Drafting Chair for the money.
  Photo by Flash FurniturePinterest Pin for Best Drafting Chair for the money
The Flash Furniture Mid-Back drafting chair provides excellent lumbar support, with a comfortable backrest and color combinations that fit into any decor. It offers excellent customization to maximize ergonomic benefits, including height adjustable arms, a height adjustable foot ring, and a back tilt and tilt tension adjustment that utilizes a 2-to-1 locking synchro mechanism.

Flippable padded arms, a full swivel contoured upholstered seat, and solid build quality featuring a tough nylon composition fabric round out the Flash's high value proposition as the best drafting chair for the money.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Flash Furniture Mesh as the Best Budget Drafting Chair.
  Photo by Flash FurniturePinterest Pin for Best Budget Drafting Chair
The Flash Furniture Mesh drafting chair features the same capabilities as its more expensive sibling, and does so at a more attractive price point. This budget compromise, from the same company that manufactures our Best drafting chair for the money, includes all of its ergonomic functionality, but uses more cost effective materials to do so.

The foot ring and hydraulic piston housing are made from high-impact composites, rather than chrome-coated metal, and it uses a 100% mesh back, rather than a composite reinforced mesh back. If budget considerations weigh heavier in your purchase decision, then this Flash Furniture drafting chair is an excellent choice.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Steelcase Series 1 as the Optional Best Desk Chair.
  Photo by SteelcasePinterest Pin for Optional Best Premium Desk Chair
The Steelcase Series 1 desk chair offers premium comfort, quality, and design with a more modest price tag, making a high-end chair more affordable. With a nod to greater style and aesthetic appeal, this premium chair is a departure form Steelcase's prior offerings. This easy-to-assemble chair supports up to 400 lbs. and features a proprietary seat cushion that uses built-in air pockets to continuously adapt to your seating position to eliminate pressure and pain associated with sitting down for long periods.

Its flexible waterfall seat edge helps eliminate pressure that restricts circulation to help prevent fatigue. Its proprietary LiveBack flexor system conforms to the shape of your body, featuring lumbar support that has a 2.25" height adjustment range. The armrests can move up-down, left-right, forward-backward, and pivot at sideways angles, ensuring maximum support for your arms and shoulders to help reduce pain and fatigue in the neck.

Comfort is additionally enhanced by an adjustable seat pan tilt and an adjustable seat depth. Like the Herman Miller Mirra 2, it comes with an impressive 12-year warranty. If you want no compromises, but want to save a few dollars, the Steelcase Series 1 desk chair may be the right choice for you.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Gabrylly Mesh as the Optional Best Desk Chair for the money.
  Photo by GabryllyPinterest Pin for Optional Best Desk Chair for the money
The Gabrylly Mesh Desk Chair is a comfortable option, with many adjustable components to help achieve the best ergonomic positioning for a pain-free experience. The breathable mesh backing helps you stay cool and the solid five-wheeled base is stable on both carpets and hardwood floors, supporting users weighing up to 280 lbs.

The space saving flip-up armrests are well padded and adjustable for height, and the headrest features 3-dimensional adjustability. It has a full 4" height adjustment and its tilt adjustment can be set to flex up to 120 degrees, or locked at a 90 degree angle. All-in-all, the Gabrylly Mesh Desk Chair acquits itself well as a Best Office Chair for the money contender.

The NetDigz Editors rate the OFM Essentials as the Optional Best Budget Desk Chair.
  Photo by OFMPinterest Pin for Optional Best Budget Desk Chair
The OFM Essentials desk chair is an attractive furnishing that provides plenty of ventilation with its breathable mesh seat and back, while offering essential ergonomic qualities. It features prominent lumbar support, a pneumatic seat height adjustment, and height adjustable arms to relieve neck and shoulder pressure.

With a five-star base for increased durability and a 250 lb. weight capacity, the OFM Essentials desk chair is a compelling cost conscious option for the best ergonomic office chair.