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Sony A80J OLED

Best TV, premium

Sony A80J OLED
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TCL 6-Series QLED TV

Best TV for the money

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Sony X90J Ultra HD LED TV

Best TV, small living room

Sony X90J LED
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TCL UHD 4-Series

Best Budget TV

TCL UHD 4-Series
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TCL 3-Series TV

Best Budget TV, small room

TCL 3-Series TV
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Best 4K TVs for 2024

 5/9/2024 10:39:04 AM GMT  

Our 4K TV reviews reveal which TVs provide the best value
for a wide range of technologies, room sizes, and budgets.

There are three main things to consider when purchasing a new LCD-LED or OLED TV - picture quality, room size, and budget. Picture quality is the number one consideration because, let's face it, the number one job of the best new TVs is delivering an enjoyable viewing experience.

Given today's technology, a 4K OLED TV will deliver the best picture quality, but be aware that these TVs are very expensive, and although they are continually improving, they struggle with brightness in rooms with a lot of light. Aside from these two considerations, an OLED TV has the highest rated TV picture.

Fortunately, new technologies are closing the gap on OLED TVs, and our highest rated tv in non-OLED categories will deliver a very satisfying viewing experience at lower price points. These new technologies also make the best midrange tv a viable option when considering the best new televisions.

The picks by the NetDigz Editors for the best rated TV in our 4k tv ratings are designed to provide information you can use to find the best quality picture available, while considering different room sizes and budgets.

In determining the best picture quality for a top rated television, many factors are taken into consideration, including - refresh rates, contrast ratios, local dimming, color uniformity, motion handling, and brightness. Reviews and best buy tv deals for the highest rated 4K TV also consider HDMI specifications for interfacing with video and audio sources, sound quality, and the best smart TV features.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Sony A80J as the Best Premium TV.
   Photo by SonyPinterest Pin for Best Premium TV
If you don't care about cost, and just want the best TV picture available, the Sony A80J OLED TV is the choice for you. With literally billions of accurate colors, the A80J displays a range of hues and color saturation that results in extremely precise details.

Its XR OLED Contrast technology enhances the picture to create immersive depth and realism that results in ultra-detailed shadows and crisp, clean peak highlights. With its best-in-class wide viewing angle, everyone can enjoy a premium viewing experience.

Screen sizes: 55"/65"/77"

The NetDigz Editors rate the TCL 6-Series as the Best TV for the money.
   Photo by TCLPinterest Pin for Best TV for the Money
The TCL 6-Series LCD-LED delivers video performance that most competitors can't touch at this price point. With a quantum-dot (QLED) display utilizing mini-LEDs, there is greater clarity and a higher level of contrast, color, and detail that delivers a more lifelike picture.

Better brightness and wider color volume comes from its full-array local dimming that achieves a striking contrast between bright and dark areas of the image. With a nod to gamers, a THX mode provides low input lag with high contrast.

This TCL TV offers the biggest bang for your buck as one of the better tv deals in our TCL TV reviews. The icing on the cake is the built-in Roku smart TV operating system, our top-rated media streaming player.

Screen sizes: 55"/65"/75"

The NetDigz Editors rate the LG C1-Series as the Best Optional Premium TV.
   Photo by LGPinterest Pin for Optional Best Premium TV
You can't talk about the best premium OLED TV without including the LG C1 in the discussion. In truth, it might be fairer to rate the LG C1 as pick 1B to our number one pick of the Sony A80J. In fact, the Sony display is manufactured by LG, but Sony uses it's proprietary processor and image technology to produce its TV's stunning image.

All-in-all, this LG OLED TV delivers a breathtaking home cinema experience that will not disappoint, and will do so for a few hundred dollars less than the Sony A80J. And, if you absolutely have to have the biggest television, you can get the LG C1 in an 83" screen, while the Sony A80J is maxed out at 75". This LG lg smart TV is also one of the best TVs for gaming, making it one of the best smart tv deals..

Screen sizes: 48"/55"/65"/77"/83"

The NetDigz Editors rate the Hisense R8-Series as the Optional Best TV for the money.
   Photo by HisensePinterest Pin for Optional Best TV for the money
Like the TCL 6-series, the Hisense U7G LCD-LED TV utilizes a quantum-dot (QLED) display to boost color, contrast, brightness, and motion to deliver a premium viewing experience. Utilizing full-Array local dimming zones, peak brightness and contrast ratios are superior to standard UHD 4K performance.

When it comes to gaming TVs, its Game Mode Pro features high speed HDMI inputs and software that recognize gaming sequences to automatically adjust settings. Although the Roku Ultra is the best TV streaming device, Android streaming is built-in if you want to forego the cost of an external device.

Screen sizes: 55"/65"

The NetDigz Editors rate the Sony X90J as the Best TV for a small living room.
   Photo by SonyPinterest Pin for Best TV for a smaller living room
Sony's X90J is a full array LCD-LED with local dimming that provides bright highlights and detailed dark scenes, and exhibits impressive contrast with Sony's proprietary XR Contrast Booster technology. Utilizing its new advanced Cognitive Processor XR that produces pure blacks, high peak brightness, and natural colors, the X90J is easily the best LED TV available.

Gamers will appreciate the 4K/120Hz HDMI input capability that enhances Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 performance. With its excellent color accuracy and outstanding motion handling, you might forget this isn't an OLED display. Of note is the X90J's performance in upscaling lower standard definition video to stunning near 4k resolution.

Screen sizes: 50"/55" (Also available in 65"/75")

The NetDigz Editors rate the LG NanoCell 85-Series as the Optional Best TV for a small living room.
   Photo by LGPinterest Pin for Optional Best TV for a smaller living room
LG has successfully introduced NanoCell screen technology as an alternative to QLED that provides a wider viewing angle and further limits the effects of sunlight reflections in this LCD-LED TV.

This LG TV has bright, detailed colors; while utilizing local dimming to produce deeper blacks and enhanced contrast, and at a price that won't break the bank. Fluid motion handling is evident with the 80-Series' native 120H refresh rate that is enhanced by LG's TruMotion 240 technology.

Bottom line - excellent performance for smaller rooms.

Screen sizes: 50"/55" (Also available in 65"/75")

The NetDigz Editors rate the TCL 4-Series as the Best Budget TV.
   Photo by TCLPinterest Pin for Best Budget TV
The TCL 4-series LED TV delivers basic high quality 4K Ultra High definition video with standard High Dynamic Range (HDR). It can't compete with the image quality of other TVs recommended here, but it does deliver a good standard 4K display, making it a good choice as a cheap smart tv.

So why is this TV here? - This TCL Roku TV is a quality product at an unbeatable price that has our top rated ROKU streaming device with dual-band Wifi capability built-in. So if budget is your number one consideration, look no further than this best buy tv from TCL. Follow the easy steps described on the display to hook it up to your router and you're ready to go.

Screen sizes: 43"/50"/55" (Also available in 65"/75"/85")

The NetDigz Editors rate the Samsung Q60A as the Best Premium TV for a small room.
   Photo by SamsungPinterest Pin for Best Premium TV for a small room
Why do you want to buy a small TV with a 32" display with the high price of the Q60A? - because you can. Once a TV's display size is this small (or smaller), the incremental benefit to image quality of more advanced technology becomes greatly reduced in terms of what is readily noticeable.

Image quality is better, it just doesn't necessarily jump out at you. But, if you must have the best image quality available and your applications calls for a 32" TV, don't waste your time looking for anything other than the Samsung Q50A QLED TV, nothing exists that comes close to this small smart TV.

Screen size: 32"

The NetDigz Editors rate the TCL 3-Series as the Best Budget TV for a small room.
   Photo by TCLPinterest Pin for Best Budget TV for a small room
As explained earlier, the image quality of LED TVs this small don't benefit significantly from higher pixel density or image enhancement technologies. The TCL 3-series has a quality high definition 1080p display that looks surprisingly good, and even better, our highest rated ROKU streaming devise with dual-band Wifi is already built-in.

Being a simple, small, and capable cheap tv with built-in Roku streaming, the TCL 3-Series HD TV is one of the best tv deals at any budget for smaller room applications.

Screen sizes: 32"