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Best Video Doorbell for 2024

 5/9/2024 10:39:09 AM GMT

A smart video doorbell helps keep you safe by
allowing you to remotely answer your door and monitor deliveries.

The best smart product for your home is a video doorbell. It lets you answer the front door from anywhere, whether in the safety of your home or some remote location. This combination of convenience and security makes a smart wireless doorbell camera one of the most useful, and practical, smart home products.

In today's world, safety is becoming increasingly important, and a smart video doorbell is an easy way to help safeguard your property from home invasion, porch pirates, or unwanted solicitors. A video doorbell lets you see and speak with the person outside your door, and can provide a recording of anyone that approaches. A Wi-Fi enabled doorbell can stream live video to your phone, and provide additional functionality, such as motion detection and cloud storage of recorded events. There are also options for interfacing with sirens, smart locks, and other smart home devices.

There are two types of video doorbells, wireless and wired. Wireless devices run on batteries, and wired devices get their power from a house's low-voltage doorbell wiring. Wireless video doorbells that run on batteries are easier to install and move, while wired video doorbells avoid the need to recharge the doorbell's battery every 2 - 6 months, depending on usage. If you own your house and your current doorbell is wired and in good working condition (and is in a convenient place to allow proper doorbell camera coverage), then we recommend you use a wired doorbell; otherwise, a battery powered doorbell will be your best choice.

Many factors are taken into consideration to determine the best smart video doorbells available, including design and ease-of-use, ease of installation, camera and audio quality, integration with other smart home devices, overall performance, and battery life. In determining the best video doorbell available, we took all of these factors into consideration, plus build quality, user experiences, and affordability. Also, all our choices come with iOS/Android apps for interfacing with the devices and two-way conversations with visitors. One final note, all Wi-Fi connected devices depend on the performance of the network they're on, so make sure you have a good Wi-Fi router for a strong connection.

The NetDigz Editors rate the eufy Video Doorbell 2K as the Best Premium Video Doorbell.
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The eufy 2K Video Doorbell's security camera has fantastic image resolution and comes with a hub for automatically storing video clips so you can avoid monthly cloud storage fees. The 2K designation refers to the camera's 1920p video capture resolution, which produces incredibly crisp and clear images in real-time and for recording.

This eufy doorbell is an extremely reliable device (manufactured by the renowned global electronics company, Anker Innovations), and it has a very good battery life, rated at 180 days per charge. The eufy video doorbell can optionally be powered using your home's existing low-voltage doorbell wiring. It's hub can be used as chime, or if you live in an Alexa environment, an Echo device can also be used as a chime.

Alternately, if you are wiring the 2K with your house wiring, an existing mechanical chime will continue to work. And forget the goofy name, its all-around quality, the ability to integrate with other eufy security devices, and its low operating costs make the eufy 2K Video Doorbell the best premium video doorbell available.

The NetDigz Editors rate the eufy Video Doorbell as the Best Video Doorbell for the money.
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The eufy Video Doorbell's security camera has excellent 1080p video capture resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio that consistently captures a bigger picture outside your door. It includes a Wi-Fi chime for doorbell notifications anywhere in the house, and features a solid 120-day battery life (device is not for wired connections).

Recordings can be stored locally on a user-supplied micro-SD card to avoid monthly cloud storage fees. This easy to install video doorbell is a great addition to provide a significant security layer at the front door, but it is not designed for integration with other eufy sensors and cameras.

Unless you intend to install a multi-location security system, the eufy 1080p video doorbell provides top-of-the-line value and is the best doorbell camera in its category.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Ring Video Doorbell 4 as the 2nd Best Video Doorbell.
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The Ring Video Doorbell 4 is a top contender as a premium video doorbell given its feature rich design, ease of installation, and high build quality. It has excellent night vision capability and motion alerts, as well as enhanced dual-band (2.4 or 5.0 GHz) Wi-Fi connectivity.

The battery is rated for 3-4 months, depending on usage, or if you'd rather, this Ring door bell can be powered by your houses existing doorbell wiring. Although its picture is clear and sharp, its security camera only has 1080p video capture resolution and Rings requires a subscription for cloud storage, so we rated this device behind the eufy 2K.

Unlike the Ring Doorbell 2, it only comes in silver, but the bottom plate can be switched out to bronze once activated. The wireless Ring doorbell camera can be used with a variety of Ring security devices should you wish to build a whole-property security system, and it integrates seamlessly with the Alexa ecosystem.

You can read our how-to guide for information on installing Ring doorbell devices.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Ring Video Doorbell as the 2nd Best Video Doorbell for the money.
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The Ring Video Doorbell provides excellent 1080p camera resolution to present a clear image day or night, and its design makes the Ring Doorbell installation a breeze with the Ring Doorbell video. This device continues Rings well earned reputation as a quality manufacturer. The doorbell is powered by a rechargeable internal battery, or can be installed using your house's existing doorbell wiring.

Intended as a front-door solution, the Ring is designed to work with the Alexa-device ecosystem for convenient in-home monitoring. With a 4-6 month battery life, and advanced motion sensors and calibration options, the only possible concern is the subscription fee for cloud storage.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Ring Video Doorbell Wired as the Best Wired-only Video Doorbell.
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The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a well-priced alternative for homeowners that want the added security of a front-door video doorbell, but only want to use their homes existing doorbell wiring for power. By eliminating the battery system for power, but keeping all the functionality of the Ring battery powered front-door video doorbell, attractive cost savings can be realized.

If you think the standard Ring Doorbell Wired fits your security needs best, but you don't need a battery, this is the choice for you.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Kamep Video Doorbell as the Best Budget Video Doorbell.
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The Kamep Video Doorbell provides a good solution for budget conscious households that want to take advantage of the security provided by a front-door video doorbell. Its wireless camera is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that is rated for a 4-6 month charge, and it is battery powered only.

You can have a pre-recorded 30-second voice message for a quick response to visitors while your real-time connection is being set-up by your wireless network/internet connection. Motion sensor and push notifications are commensurate with more expensive models.

There is support for local storage on user-supplied micro-SD cards of up to 128G to avoid cloud storage fees. With 1080p Full HD and a 166° wide-angle lens, improved security is available at an affordable price.