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What's the best all-around 4K TV available?The TCL 6-Series is the Best TV for the money.

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How to guides for consumer electronics products and household items that NetDigz reviews.

How-to Guides for Everyday Life

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Our how-to guides provide practical information for everyday life
on various topics relating to the articles and news we provide.

How to Buy a TV
Buying a new TV can be more complex than ever, we help you through the maze
so you can make the best choice to fit your budget and viewing habits.

Measure Thumbnail
How to Choose the Right Size TV
Maximizing your viewing experience is the number one factor
in choosing the right size TV for your room, but don't forget room decor.

Home Office Setup
How to Setup a Home Office
67% of Companies expect remote work to be permanent -
it's time to take a serious look at what you need for your home office setup.

Video Doorbell
How to Install a Video Doorbell
A video doorbell provides convenience and security,
making it one of the most useful, and practical, smart home products.

How to Connect a Soundbar to your TV
Soundbars are easy to connect, and are the best upgrade you can make
to maximize your TV viewing experience.

How to Start Streaming
How to Start Streaming
Streaming TV services provide customizable viewing choices
not available with traditional cable/satellite services, and do so at a lower cost.

Wireless Router
How to Choose a Wi-Fi Router
Wi-Fi routers come in all shapes and sizes, but come with
vastly different capabilities - we help you choose the right one for your needs.

How to Save Money on Streaming
How to Save Money on Streaming
Strategies you can use to reduce your monthly streaming costs
and continue to watch everything you want.

How to Calibrate a TV
Calibrating a TV is simple and it has a big pay-off,
with better image quality and an improved viewing experience.

Cable Modem
How to Choose a Cable Modem
Cable modems are an easy equipment purchase that helps you save money
on your Internet costs - we help demystify the process.

How to Buy a Grill
How to Buy a Grill
Choosing the right outdoor grill will ensure that your summer-long barbecues
are easy and delicious, making for perfect gatherings with family and friends.

Massage gun therapy
How to use a Massage Gun
Massage Guns (Percussive Therapy Devices) can provide relief
from muscle fatigue and pain when used correctly.

Rowing Machine
How to Use a Rowing Machine
A rowing machine provides an excellent low-impact full-body workout,
that's easy on the joints and perfect for home use.

HDMI Cables Thumbnail
How to Choose the Best HDMI Cables
Not all HDMI cables are created equal, but you don't need to overpay.

TV Stand Thumbnail
Determine the Best Viewing Height for your TV
Whether you're using a TV stand or a wall mount, avoid a stiff neck
and maximize your viewing experience by placing your TV at the correct height.

Power Source
How to Choose a Power Generator
Generators are must-have tools to provide electricity to your devices
during power outages or where electrical service is not available.

Why HDR is Important for your TV
HDR (High Dynamic Range) improves a 4K TV's contrast range to create
darker blacks and brighter whites, and boosts a TV's brightness for more vivid colors.

We explain how to check if your wireless network is secure.
How to Secure Your Wireless Wi-Fi Network
The growing trend in work-at-home employment is creating security risks for you
and your company, so make sure your wireless network is secure to avoid any problems.

We explain how to set up and Sync your Apple Watch to your iPhone
How to Setup Your Apple Smartwatch
Get the most out of your Apple Smartwatch by following these easy steps to setup
and sync your Watch to your iPhone.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Roku Ultra as the Best Universal TV Streaming Device.
How to Setup Your Roku Device
Get the most out of your Streaming Services by following these easy steps
to setup and sync your Roku device.