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Best Treadmill for 2024

 5/9/2024 10:39:02 AM GMT

Treadmills provide a low impact, joint-friendly
workout that caters to users of all ages and workout needs.

Treadmills are one of the most popular exercise machines, providing a convenient means for losing weight, for performing a full body workout, for stamina training, and for maintaining physical fitness for a variety of different sports. A workout treadmill can provide a secure and comfortable workout environment where the entire family can adopt a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of weather conditions, you'll always be able to workout, while watching TV or using your favorite fitness app on your smartphone or tablet. Treadmills also provide protection against joint injuries suffered from running on hard surfaces.

The two main drive systems used on treadmills are: 1) Mechanical - belt propulsion results from your own movement, with the pace being determined by how fast you walk or run (we don't recommend these units); and 2) Motorized - belt propulsion is controlled by an electric motor that powers the running surface at different speeds. These units have a variety of optional features that may include consoles for tracking performance data, access to preprogrammed or trainer-led workouts, the ability to change the incline of the running surface, etc.

Buying the right treadmill requires evaluating important characteristics of different models, including a treadmill's deck and running surface, incline capability, motor size, speed capability, and performance monitor capabilities. Other design elements include: cooling fans, built-in speakers, bottle holders, trays for tablets or books, and USB charging ports. In determining the best treadmills available, we took all of these into consideration, plus build quality, user experiences, and affordability.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Nautilus T618 as the Best Premium Treadmill.
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The Nautilus T618 qualifies as a light commercial incline treadmill that comes equipped with a large 3.5 HP motor and an automatic incline to facilitate different preprogrammed workout routines. It has a solid deck that's rated for users up to 350 lbs. The console has 26 workout programs and is Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to interface with various training apps.

It's solid construction allows for the most intense cardio workouts to facilitate strength and stamina development and weight loss. Although priced at the higher end of the market, it delivers the quality, features, and flexibility of more expensive machines.

The NetDigz Editors rate the NordicTrack T 6.5s as the Best Treadmill for the money.
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The NordicTrack T 6.5s features sturdy frame construction, with a solid deck that supports users up to 300 lbs. Excellent for in-home use, you'll be able to perform any type of cardio and weight-loss workout, with the exception of the most intense running routines.

Nordictrack offers a decent range of built-in workout programs that are complimented by automatic incline. With a wide range of features typically seen on more expensive machines and a folding design to accommodate small spaces, the Nordictrack T 6.5s is an excellent choice that offers great value for the price, making it the best treadmill for home use.

The NetDigz Editors rate the XTERRA Fitness TR150 as the Best Budget Treadmill.
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The XTERRA Fitness TR150 treadmill packs a lot of punch into a small package at a surprisingly low cost. Designed primarily for walking and jogging, it is equipped with a fairly robust 2.25 HP motor. It is equipped with a 3-position manual incline system and has a foldable frame that is rated to hold users up to 250 lbs.

The TR150 is an excellent platform for light to medium cardio workouts and weight loss. Although somewhat scaled down, it does offer some of the features of the more expensive machines such as a console with 12 preset workout programs and built-in accessory trays, XTRASoft cushioning for a low impact ride, and a folding deck. For budget conscious buyers looking for folding treadmills for small spaces, this package is hard to beat.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7857 as the Best Treadmill for Therapeutics.
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The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7857 Walking Treadmill has a solid build that supports users up to 295 lbs. It features extra long support/guide rails, a low step-on height for getting on and off, anti-shock deck cushioning, and an ample sized deck.

The SF-T7587 is specifically designed for the therapeutics market, providing a robust and safe solution for recover from injury and illness, and rebuilding or maintaining leg strength for senior citizens and the elderly. This treadmill is unsurpassed in offering safety while exercising, helping you increase your cardio health, and in strengthening your leg muscles, making it the best therapeutic treadmill for sale.

The NetDigz Editors rate the NordicTrack T 7.5S as the Optional Best Budget Treadmill.
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The NordicTrack T 7.5S treadmill provides high-end features and a quality build, while keeping the price at a more reasonable level. It features a smooth action and strong 3.0 HP motor that accommodates a variety of workouts, for both casual walkers or regular runners.

The feature list is long, highlighted by automatic incline ability, a commercial belt, a Bluetooth speaker system, built-in fans, a folding deck, adjustable cushioning, and an excellent quality touchscreen. With NordicTrack's excellent history, this treadmill offers an excellent option for a premium home machine.

The NetDigz Editors rate the SunnyHealth & Fitness SF-T4400 as the Optional Best Treadmill for the money.
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The SunnyHealth & Fitness SF-T4400 is a simple, easy-to-use treadmill offering an excellent value proposition. It has a variety of fitness features that aren't always available at this price point, such as a Soft Drop folding system, built-in hand grip pulse sensors, nine pre-defined workout programs, a shock absorption system, built-in handrail controls, three incline options, and bottle holders.

It does have a low user weight capacity of 220 lbs., so this machine isn't suitable for larger individuals. The SF-4400 is an economical, well engineered, space-saving unit, that is an option well worth considering.

The NetDigz Editors rate the MaxKare 2.5HP Folding as the Optional Best Budget Treadmill.
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The MaxKare 2.5HP Folding Treadmill is well designed ergonomically, and comes as a real surprise at this price point. This foldable treadmill has a steel frame that supports a relatively large console with an LCD display that has 15 pre-set workouts, and includes useful data such as time, speed, distance, calories burned and pulse rate.

With features such as bottle and phone holders, and a surprisingly large 2.5HP motor, an anti-shock system, and support for users up to 200 lbs., this compact, sturdy treadmill makes an excellent budget-friendly choice for small spaces.