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Best Home Office Desk for 2024

 5/9/2024 10:38:39 AM GMT

Today's home office desks have it all - style, functionality, and flexibility. We'll help you choose the right one.

There are two main types of desks available today - a standard height desk, or a standing desk. The industry standard desk height is 29 - 30 inches from the floor to the top of the work surface. All the desks we recommend have adjustable feet to allow for proper leveling and to provide a little bit of adjustment to accommodate the user's height to achieve better ergonomic positioning of the upper body, which is key to avoiding repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

We've all used standard height office desks for a long time, and they serve their purpose well, coming in a variety of ergonomic designs to fit different space requirements. You can achieve the same ergonomic design benefits using a standard desk as you can with a standing desk, especially when used with a quality ergonomically designed desk chair.

However, new evidence suggests that a standing office desk can provide additional health benefits by promoting greater activity throughout the workday, and by allowing your body to have greater freedom of movement, which benefits your circulatory system.

What exactly is a standing desk? A standing desk by definition is a desk that's used while standing up or while sitting on a high stool or drafting chair.

The standing office desks we recommend are all height adjustable such that the work surface can be lowered to the height of a standard desk, or raised to the proper ergonomic position for use when standing. Additionally, we provide recommendations for drafting chairs that are designed for use with a standing desk, such that they can be lowered or raised to accommodate the height at which you set the work surface of the standing desk.

Proper ergonomic positions

If you want to use your standing desk at a standard desk height when sitting, then use a standard desk chair, and only stand when you raise your desk to the appropriate standing height; alternatively, you can use a drafting chair that has a bar stool height, so that you don't have to bring your work surface down to a standard desk height every time you transition between standing and sitting. The drafting chairs we recommend provide the same ergonomic benefits as the standard desk chairs on our list.

Ultimately, your choice of office desk type will depend on your personal preferences and the space available to set up your office; but, regardless of which office desk type you choose to use, we've got you covered.

The five biggest factors to consider when choosing a home office desk are: available space, adjustability, task requirements, quality, and work surface area. In determining the best home office desks available, we took all that into consideration, plus user experiences and affordability.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Ashley Luxenford as the Best Casual-cool Home Office Desk.
   Photo by AshleyPinterest Pin for Best Home Office Desk - casual cool
The Ashley Luxenford Signature Design home desk offers outstanding value for a casual-cool farmhouse look, while providing an ample 60" x 28" work surface. It has 3 smooth-gliding drawers for storing essential supplies, and it has plenty of room underneath for your ergonomic desk chair and wastebasket. For more storage, matching bookshelves are available in three different configurations.

If you are looking for a more traditionally styled work desk, this one is sure to make a grand impression. Whichever style is right for you'll, make sure you pair it with a coordinating desk chair that's ergonomically designed to protect your health.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Nost & Host Computer Desk as the Best Modern-rustic Home Office Desk.
   Photo by Nost & HostPinterest Pin for Best Home Office Desk - modern rustic
The Nost & Host home office desk offers an ergonomic design for monitor placement, and is a well-priced and well-built unit that blends well with any decor. Its large monitor shelf is big enough for two monitors, with the shelf height encouraging a healthier ergonomic posture that provides relief from shoulder stiffness and neck pain. The monitor shelf also provides for more usable space on the 55" x 23.6" work surface.

Adjustable, removable under-desk shelving is provided on both sides of the desk, giving you the flexibility to store different sized items and devices, and its open design keeps everything within easy reach. Set in a sturdy dark metal frame, the work surface and shelving are available in rustic gray, natural oak, or walnut brown finishes to fit-in with any decor. When matched with one of the coordinating ergonomic chairs we review, your are sure to maximize your safety and productivity.

The NetDigz Editors rate the TOPSKY w/Monitor Stand as the Best Budget Home Office Desk.
  Photo by TOPSKYPinterest Pin for Best Budget Home Office Desk
The TOPSKY Computer Desk is the perfect solution when space is at a premium and you need to stretch your dollars. It has a 46.5" x 19" work surface that will fit into tight spaces, but maximizes the available work space by incorporating a monitor shelf that also serves to provide an ergonomically correct monitor height. Storage is expanded with 2 multi-function shelves on one side of the unit and a single shelf on the other side.

Workspace availability is further enhanced by the built-in ergonomic keyboard tray, that also places the keyboard in an ergonomically correct position with a 2.8" drop below the desk top. The work surface and shelves are available in rustic brown or black so you can easily integrate the desk into your existing decor. You can pair this TOPSKY computer desk with one of the ergonomic chairs we review to create a safe and productive environment.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Vari Electric as the Best Premium Standing Desk.
  Photo by VariPinterest Pin for Best Standing Desk
The Vari Electric standing desk offers the perfect mix of design, features, and value; you can buy more expensive desks in this premium category, but you won't get a heck-of-a-lot more. It's available in two sizes and comes in 5 different finishes that make it easy to integrate into your decor. Build quality is outstanding, its incredibly easy to assemble, and multiple programmable height settings help you maintain a perfect ergonomic environment.

The health benefits don't stop there, as our top-rated drafting chair is also manufactured by Vari. Its smooth, quiet motors provide for a height adjustment that ranges from 25.5"to 50.5" high, ensuring that whether sitting or standing, both shorter and taller people will find this unit a pleasure to use, and it makes real statement among modern desks.

Additionally, Vari has a full line of complementary components available, including filing cabinets, monitor arms, lighting, mats, and power accessories. Although its a bargain as a premium product, it's still a significant layout; but if you can afford it, it's well worth the money.

The NetDigz Editors rate the FEZIBO Electric as the Best Standing Desk for the money.
  Photo by FEZIBOPinterest Pin for Best Standing Desk for the money
The FEZIBO Electric standing desk offers the most value you can find, considering its feature-packed design, build quality, and 10-year parts warranty. It includes thoughtful design features that are typically only seen on premium devices, such as: 4 programmable memory buttons to preset your favorite heights, adjustable anti-collision technology to avoid problems when the unit encounters a resistance point when traveling up or down, a cable management tray to avoid messy hanging wires, a pair of desk hooks for bags, headphones, & other paraphernalia, and a textile pull-out drawer for keeping every day work items handy.

The unit comes in three sizes, 48," 55", &63", so space limitations shouldn't be an issue. With a minimum sitting height of 28.36" and a maximum standing height of 46", the FEZIBO is suitable for ergonomic positioning for anyone up to 6'3" tall. To accommodate different decors, the work surface comes in rustic brown, black, and bamboo finishes.

FEZIBO offers an extensive line of different desk configurations to tackle an impressive array of space requirements. If you're going to join the growing ranks of remote workers that want to maximize the health benefits provided by an adjustable standing desk, FEZIBO provides the desk with the best price/performance ratio available today.

The NetDigz Editors rate the VIVO Adjustable as the Best Budget Standing Desk.
  Photo by VIVOPinterest Pin for Best Budget Standing Desk
The VIVO Adjustable standing desk provides everyone a budget friendly opportunity to take advantage of the health and productivity advantages available with a standing desk. Although you don't get the convenience of having preset heights for your desk, the simple, smooth turning hand crank allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height of the work surface to achieve the best ergonomic position. And since you don't have to be connected to a power source to adjust the height, you can place it anywhere you want.

The 42.9" x 23.6" work surface can be adjusted for a sitting position as low as 27.6", or for a standing position as high as 46.2" for people up to 6'3" tall. Featuring a sturdy steel frame and adjustable feet for additional stability, this space efficient height adjustable desk will give you years of service with all the health benefits that a standing desk provides.

Vivo also has a line of add-on accessories so you can customize your workstation, including a monitor desk mount stand, a laptop riser stand, and cable/device management racks. This is the perfect standing desk for budget conscious buyers looking for a modern office desk..

The NetDigz Editors rate the Bestier with Reversible Corner as the Best L-shaped Office Desk.
  Photo by BestierPinterest Pin for Best L-shaped Home Office Desk
The Bestier L-shaped Home Desk provides incredible flexibility and convenience for use as a corner desk, an l shaped desk, or a long desk on a long wall space. Its design allows you to easily assemble it as a desk with a right or left return, or as one long desk with seating for two. It has 4-tier adjustable shelves and 3 convenient cable holes for wire management.

The work surface and shelves are covered with wood grain melamine, making them waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean with a damp cloth, and; there are 7 finish options, making it easy to fit into any decor. This computer desk is built with a rigid metal frame and adjustable footpads, ensuring durability and stability on uneven or carpeted floors.

Ample space under the work surface will easily accommodate one of ergonomic office chairs we review. With a reasonable price and great space flexibility, the Bestier home office furniture line provides a lot of value.

The NetDigz Editors rate the TOPSKY 55-inch with Bookshelf as the Best Computer Desk.
  Photo by TOPSKYPinterest Pin for Best Computer Desk
The TOPSKY 55" Desk with Bookshelf is a straight-forward well-built computer table, whose construction quality and durability is hard to beat. The solid 1.18" thick top and 8.5" deep shelf assembly comes in 3 finishes: rustic brown, oak brown, and natural.

You can also purchase a matching storage/filing cabinet on casters that has 2 top drawers for storage and a bottom file drawer that includes the hangers for letter-sized file folders.

The desk is constructed of sturdy reinforced steel for strength and durability, and it has adjustable feet to ensure proper leveling. Cables are kept neat and out of the way by a metal cable grommet hole cove to create the perfect work surface in almost any room.

The NetDigz Editors rate the CubiCubi Writing Table as the Optional Best Budget Office Desk.
  Photo by CubiCubiPinterest Pin for Optional Best Budget Home Desk
The CubiCubi Office Table is a small desk that is an excellent choice for small spaces where budget considerations are paramount. This computer desk comes in 11 different finishes, so you'll be able to find the perfect choice for any decor. There are 5 work surface sizes available, ranging all the way down to 32" in width.

An optional matching side table with underneath storage pocket is perfect for a printer or as a flexible work surface. For organization, this small computer desk has a hanging storage bag and an iron hook mounted on the side of the rigid metal frame that features a double iron strut design for durability, and it has adjustable feet to make everything level. The CubiCubi stands out in the cheap desks category, as well as desks for small spaces.