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How to Choose the Best TV Height

 5/9/2024 10:40:05 AM GMT
Whether you're using a TV stand or a wall mount, avoid a stiff neck
and maximize your viewing experience by placing your TV at the ideal TV height.

We explain how to determine the right TV viewing height for your TV stand or wall mount.  A step-by-step guide

Can a TV's Height be too High or too Low?

How high your TV sits on its TV stand, or how high you place your wall mount, can have a major impact on your viewing enjoyment.

If you position the TV at an improper height, you can force watchers to uncomfortably crane their neck for a TV that is too high, or slump their shoulders for a TV that is too low. Manufacturers and home entertainment installers recommend that the center of the TV screen be at eye level for optimal viewing.

How High should the TV's Centerpoint be?

As a rule of thumb, position your TV 42 inches on-center, meaning the center point of the TV sits that far above the floor. The forty-two inch height takes into consideration that a traditional sofa seat is 18 inches above the floor, plus another 24 inches above that to reach the eye level of the average seated adult.

How can I Calculate the height of TV on wall or stand?

Obviously, the size of the TV will have an impact on the proper height of your TV stand. Generally, a larger TV will work best on a TV stand lower in height, and a smaller TV will need a stand that is higher.

To calculate the best height, simply take the height of the TV including its stand, divide by two, and subtract that figure from 42 inches. The result will tell you the approximate tv stand height needed for the best viewing. For a tv wall mount height, you don't need a TV wall mount height calculator, just make sure the midpoint of the TV is approximately 42-inches up from the floor.

Are there any other Considerations for TV Placement?

One final note, there seems to be a trend in interior design for mounting TVs above a fireplace. We strongly recommend against doing so. First, you'll be forced to uncomfortably crane your neck all the time as explained above, even if you use hardware to tilt your TV down. Second, a TV's electronics are sensitive and can be degraded or destroyed by the heat, or by smoke and soot that may occasionally escape and rise up the front of the fireplace. As you know, TVs are expensive, so putting one in harms way should be avoided.