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Theragun PRO 4th Generation

Best Massage Gun, premium

Theragun PRO 4th Gen.
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Hypervolt PRO

Best Massage Gun for the money

Hypervolt PRO
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VYBE Premium

Best Budget Massage Gun

VYBE Premium
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Ekrin Athletics Bantam Mini

Best Massage Gun for Travel

Ekrin Athletics Bantam Mini
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Best Massage Gun for 2024

 5/9/2024 10:38:49 AM GMT

Massage guns are must-have tools for post-workout recovery to decrease muscle soreness and improve range of motion.

Percussion massage guns that manipulate your body's soft tissue are a form of massage therapy designed to aid in the recovery of sore muscles after a workout. The percussive therapy massage they provide targets specific muscle groups to reduce lactic acid build-up that causes muscle fatigue and pain. This targeted massage therapy is intended to encourage blood flow and increase overall circulation to improve range of motion and flexibility, while reducing muscle stiffness.

Although extensive scientific research supports massage therapy as an effective method for reducing muscle soreness and in aiding post-workout recovery, specific studies regarding the efficacy of massage guns are still a work-in-progress. However, a growing number of fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes swear by the benefits of massage gun therapy. Make sure you know how to use a massage gun before starting therapy.

Massage guns are available with an assortment of features and functionality, such as: power, battery life, attachments, ergonomic design, massage modes, and accessories. In determining the best percussion massager for each category, we took all of these into consideration, plus build quality, user experiences, and affordability.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Theragun PRO 4th Gen. as the Best Premium Massage Gun.
   Photo by TheragunPinterest Pin for Best Premium Massage Gun
The Theragun PRO 4th Gen. is a powerful device for enhancing muscle recovery, for releasing stress and tension within the body, and for soothing aches and pains. It has six attachments, an adjustable arm, and a customizable speed range with a maximum of 2,400 beats per minute.

Noise is kept reasonably low using its QuietForce proprietary technology. Theragun is the market leader, and you'll often hear the different brands of a percussion massage gun referred to as "theraguns". If money is no object, and you need a serious therapeutic tool, you can't beat the performance of the Theragun Pro.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Hypervolt PRO as the Best Massage Gun for the money.
   Photo by HypervoltPinterest Pin for Best Massage Gun for the money
The Hypervolt PRO boasts an ergonomic design to deliver deep and powerful vibration stimulation to relax tense muscles, improve blood circulation and shorten the recovery time of hard-worked muscles. This muscle massager has 3 speed settings that deliver up to 3,200 pulses per minute, guaranteeing a deep tissue massage for sore and stiff muscles.

With 5 interchangeable heads, bluetooth capability to sync with the HyperIce recovery App, Quiet Glide noise management, and a 3-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Hypervolt muscle massage gun provides the best value for the money available today.

Hypervolt was previously the manufacturer's name, but now Hypervolt is the model name for a series of massage guns, with the parent company renamed as HyperIce.

The NetDigz Editors rate the VYBE Premium as the Best Budget Massage Gun.
   Photo by VYBEPinterest Pin for Best Budget Massage Gun
The VYBE Premium is a powerful and economical option for a deep tissue massage gun that is a relatively compact and portable device. It has four massage heads, with five speed settings for up to 3200 pulses per minute.

With 4 hours of battery life and noise output limited to only 50 - 60 decibels, the VYBE Premium is an easy choice to justify when comparing it to the higher priced high-end models.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Ekrin Athletics Bantam Mini as the Best Massage Gun for Travel.
   Photo by Ekrin AthleticsPinterest Pin for Best Massage Gun for Travel
The Ekrin Athletics Bantam Mini is a portable, lightweight device in a compact carrying case that delivers 35 pounds of force for on-the-go treatment. The ergonomic design allows for maximum control for its four attachments: flat head, bullet, round head, and fork.

It has threes speed settings (2000, 2600, and 3200 revolutions per minute) that provide targeted treatment anywhere, anytime. With quick USB charging capabilities that provide an amazing 6 hours of run-time, and a mere 50 decibel noise level, the Bantam Mini is easily the best travel massager with performance levels that make it suitable for everyday use.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Theragun Elite 4th Gen. as the Optional Best Premium Massage Gun.
   Photo by TheragunPinterest Pin for Optional Best Premium Massage Gun
The Theragun Elite features Bluetooth connectivity, an OLED screen, a 120-minute battery life, and a customizable speed range of up to 2,400 pulses per minute to target overworked muscles and ease stress. It has five speed settings, can run personalized wellness routines, and has a noise rating of only 52 decibels.

Included are 5 easy-to-clean attachments, a carrying case and wall charger. If you want to get most of the benefits of the top-of-the-line Theragun Pro, but want to save a couple of hundred dollars, the Theragun Elite is the choice for you.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Theragun Prime 4th Gen. as the Optional Best Massage Gun for the money.
   Photo by TheragunPinterest Pin for Optional Best Massage Gun for the money
The Theragun Prime 4th Gen. is the bargain version of its Elite and Pro brothers that delivers big features at a reasonable price. Getting the same 4th Generation upgrades as the rest of the Theragun line, the Elite has five speeds, four attachments, an LED screen, and QuietForce technology for noise control.

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a 120 minute run-time, and it comes with LED setting indicators and multiple third-party app integrations via Bluetooth. The Prime deserves serious consideration as an all-around best device for the money.

The NetDigz Editors rate the Legiral Le3 as the Optional Best Budget Massage Gun.
   Photo by LegiralPinterest Pin for Optional Best Budget Massage Gun
The Legiral Le3 is a budget massager that lacks the power and features of the pricier models, but makes a great entry level device at this price point. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 6 hour rating on low speed, a noise level of only 35-55 decibels, and comes with 6 massage attachments, a carrying case, and a wall charger.

It's easy to read LED display shows the speed level setting and remaining battery run-time. This device is not for serious athletes, but serves well as a general all-around massage tool.